Sunday, 29 March 2009

I am defecting the Toodles and Binks blog

back to blogger, as I am getting a bit tired of the difficulties I having adding any html/java code to WP.

The straw that broke the camel's back was when I couldn't get my Magical Mr Linky to provide me with box round it, on WP I just got a manky green looking/half arsed attempt at it. Zoe our new TechnoBabe at T&B even had a go, and no joy!

So here we are over at blogger, where we can have a Follow my Blog, and Playlist and clickable things that work without too much fuss....the rest of the DT will also be doing a little dance of celebration, as they really do not like WP...... although I will be keeping my fingers crossed that the paragraph problemos that drove me away in the first place don't drive me off my precarious grip of the cliff of mentality that I currently have!

You might just stumble of this blog for now, as I haven't officially told any one - I thought I would get it all set up.


Stampingcaz said...

yeah!! I for one am very pleased!!


Stampingcaz said...

OPh BTW Shaz mentioned you had mentioned Toodles and Binks to her??


Carolyn Bounds said...

Woo!!! Hoo!!! This will be so much easier for me, as I am not technically savvy enough for WP.

Also, I just received my new Easter stamps today, and I will get to play with them when we return from our trip on Sunday. These stamps are ADORABLE!!!! I caanot wait to introduce them to some ink.