Thursday, 30 April 2009

at last ..... we can say a bit more .....


and, we have some more Blog Candy to give away as well, I'm not telling what it is, but I am happilly putting things in a pile to be added to the parcel.

Over Easter we've been dropping some hints, and now that I know the new plates are on the way I thought I would start to reveal a bit more.

We have a lovely new line of stamps designed by somebody really special, and to start to kick it all off can you guess what it will be called. Here are a few clues to help..............


All you need to do is post a PERMALINK (see Kay's recent blog post about how to get a permalink) in Mr Linkey below to a post on your blog telling people about the blog candy giveaway, and then in the comments just tell us what you think the two questionmarks stand for - easy peasy lemon squeezie - and if you are already a Toodles & Binks owner, please also add in your comments what stamps you have.

We have comment moderation turned on, so your comment make take a little while to show up, but as long as you see it showing as "saved" when you add it, all should be well.

Don't forget we will be having "I want it all" draw on 31st December, so even if you miss out on this you will be added to the draw at the end of the year to get all of the released Toodles & Binks stamps, Zoomz and a lot more. Basically, the more people take part, the bigger the haul will be.


Craftyanny said...

I'm sitting here singing Old McDonald had a Farm e i e i ohhhhhhhhhh lol
I can't wait to see this range!!
Anne x

Esme said...

Hehe!! This line is right up my street!
Old MACDONALD had a FARM!! Can't wait!!

I only received my stamps yesterday so haven't even had chance to use them yet, but I've got plenty of ideas for the birdwatcher!!

Esme xx

Zarah said...

Old MacDonald had a farm! :D

I linked to my blogcandyblog, which is here:

But my regular one will show now. Just so you don't get confused! :D

Ps. I don't own any Toodles and Bink stamps yet - I just found them. But I am DEFINITELY gonna change that as soon as my wallet permits it! :D

weewiccababe said...

this is my youngest's favourite song - I have to sing it at least half a dozen times to her in bed lol
the missing words are MacDonald and Farm

Sofia said...

Fun with a secret giveaway. I´ve wrote about you candy in my blog

Anita Hovey said...

Ohhh...surprises...I love surprises :) I don't own any T&B stamps YET...but I do have two of Sally-Anns digis...Prudence & Percival, and Hoot Hoot. And I love 'em.

Thanks for the chance to win & Congrats on bringing Sally-Ann to your team!

Anita Hovey said...

Shoot...let me try this again... I'm thinking it's Old MacDonald had a Farm? LOL

JanJ said...

Hi, love your easy peasy competition

answers - MacDonald & Farm

Trouble is I've got that song stuck in my head now!!

I don't own any Toodles & Binks stamps yet, but love the look of them and love Sally-Ann's new addition as I'm already a fan of her work.


Jan x

Mephisto said...

wonderful Candy. I have posted it on the Sidebar on my Blog The Words are:
MacDonald and Farm


Lisa T said...

A nice easy one, indeed! Answers: MacDonald and Farm. Do I sense some more new animal stamps in the works? :-)

Nikki said...


Great to see the new releases.. love the designs and can't wait to see the rest..

Nikki x

Lisa F said...

Well - i already own one Toodles and Binks stamp - I'm guessing (because of the new hint). I currently own In your Garden, Love grows.

Old Toodles has an animal EIEIO.

I posted a link on my blog!

Merry said...

What a great way to enter a giveaway. Your missing words are MacDonald and Farm. I have posted on my blog. Now off to check out your stamps ... I don't have any but I like Celeste and Simone so far. Thanks

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh oh oh - MacDonald and Farm!! Am deligthed for Sally-Ann and more delighted for myself that I've discovered your site. Lordy, now I'm off to have a realy good look around!

Adi said...

Old MacDonald had a Farm,
EI EI OH !!!

Grats for your new stamps. Sounds like a great lone, I'm looking forward to see it!

Blessings from Israel,

CRYSTAL said...

What else could it be...MacDonald and FARM

Bogner's said...

Thanks for a great chance to win with the catch phrase "old mcdonald had a farm"!!!
You're all linked up on my blog. Thanks again.
Rachel B

Jacilynn said...

Old MacDonald Had a Farm. EIEIO. With a oink oink here and and oink oink there. Ok you get the idea. Can't wait to see more. I'm new to T&B but love them all.

Jana M. said...

Old MACDONALD had a FARM! Can't wait to see more! I have a few Toodles & Bink and love them. I left ya some love on my blog HERE

Jana M. said...

Old MACDONALD had a FARM!!! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us. A surprise Give Away... how cool is that?!

Denise said...

Ole McDonald had a farm. Of course what else could it be. My three-year old sings this and I get such a kick out of him...."eee, iii, eee, iii, yo...." yes he sings yo. It is cute I tell ya.

InkHearts said...

I think it MUST be Old MacDonald Had a Farm! I just LOVE Sally Anns stuff and I cannot wait to see the whole set!

MollyD said...

Old McDonald had a (insert farm animal name here) hehehe!

I don't have these stamps yet - but I am not checking - you can thank ANita for sending me here!!

Going to post on my blog!

Tonya said...

Hmmm if not Old MacDonald's had a Farm , maybe Old Mactoodles had a Farm? Or Old MacToodles had a stamp? lol I can;t wait to find out.

I do not currently own any Toodles and Binks stamps but adore the ones I have seen. Thanks for letting us play along. >:0)

orna a said...

Thank you for the candy!!! and of course: "Old MacDonald had a Farm !!! Eia Eia Oh"

lilacanglia said...

Old MacDonald had a farm,

Wahoo, looking forward to seeing the new images,
Thanks for the chance to win some, have left a link in mr winky

CraftingAnu said...

I added the link on my blog and linked it back here with Mr Linky too! I think the words are McDonald and Farm. I'm singing it right now! It was so fun when I was small and I love it now too!

Nikki said...

Mc Donald and Farm are the missing words and now this little ditty is stuck in my head LOL

Thanks for the chance and Off to link you contest :)
Nikki C

Nunt said...

If not McDonald, how about "old BinkToodles had a farm" then? ^_^ It would fit into the flow of music at least...

Ps: Piippolan vaarilla oli talo <-- this is how it goes in Finnish ^_^


Ayelet said...

Oh, surprise candy! Cool!
I'll go for the good old "Old Macdonalds had a farm..." song!
Thanks for the chance to win!

JaJ said...

Your missing words are MacDonald and Farm
I don't own any T&B stamps YET...but I hope to soon :D
Thanks for the chance to win!

PatR said...

OK I think those ? could be MacDonald & Farm
Thanks for the chance to win.

yvonne said...

First missing word MACDONALD the second missing word FARM
Thanky ou for the chance to win .. whatever it maybe .
Sorry i don't have any of these as yet. so may have soon soon... i wish, lol


Missing words Old Mac Donald and Farm.
Can't wait to see these new stamps. Oh what a great chance to win blog candy, thank you for the chance. Linda x

Donna said...

Old Macdonald had a farm! I'll be singing that all night now lol. This is my first time here so I don't own any of your stamps yet. I'm off to have a look around.Thanks for the chance to win some goodies. Donna x

Just call me G said...


I'm number 39 on that blinky thing ( how cool is that, I haven't seen it before )

I found your blog via a link to this post so it shows it works :0)

Being a good coountry girl I'd be in a lot of trouble if I didnt get it right..

Macdonald and Farm :-)

My post can be found here >>

No stamps as of yet :-(

Gina x

Cazzy said...

Old Macdonald had a Farm eieio

and on that farm he had a cow, eieio....

Sadly I don't yet own any Toodles and Binks stamps. Hope I win some.

Cazzy x

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

The first question mark is MACDONALD

The second question mark is FARM.

I would love to be in with a chance of winning and put anything to good use for my cards that I make for charity. Best wishes,

Kym xxx

terriavidreader (USA - IN) said...

Double Whammy Blog Candy (one in December too!), count me in! I think I did the permalink right. And the ?'s are McDonalds and Farm I believe. I bet this is a new set about a barnyard. I've signed up to follow also, as this was my first visit here!

Ineke van den Akker said...

Just in time? I will join!