Wednesday, 3 June 2009

May Draw Winners - 3 of you lucky peeps this time!

It's been mostly a terribly horrible day, but then the latter part has faded to really very good.....the majority of my work colleagues found out the day their jobs will finish today, that was the horrid bit, then it got a little better with one of them letting me taste the Brie that she will be moving on to making .....very tasty (the day improved a bit from there), Brownies from one of the other girls, news that T&B will be featured in Craft Stamp .....and then finally getting the concept drawing of the new Toodles & Binks adventure ...... now, that has really put the sping (albeit a hoppy one) back into my step.

To also bannish the blues, I found time to do the May draw, and three lucky peeps on the May draw Mr Linky have won:


13 ~ Julie

36 ~ Elaine

please email your Snail Mail addresses using the link in the sidebar and we will send out your prizes. If you already have any Toodles and Binks stamps, please let us know in the email, so that we don't duplicate for you.


Kay xxxx


Jana M. said...

whoooo hoooo, I'm so excited!!!

Julie said...

Hi Kay

Wow thanks ! I have been so busy I didn't see this draw post, too busy looking at all the fab designs and stamps!

Will send my snail mail.

Thanks again -- ooooh how does that song go......

I'm so excited!!

Elaine said...

I just opened my mail to find out I was picked- thank you sooo much! I am thrilled!

Glad you were able to finish the day on a bright note even though it started out rather gloomy.