Friday, 12 June 2009

Rose Tapestry (BIU-017-a) the main image

ready for the reveal of the first of the stamps on our Rose Tapestry sheet (BIU-017)...

This is designed by Genevieve, and is absolutely stunning, and an absolute whopper ~ measuring in at 6" x 6", but perfect for backgrounds, jewellery, 3-d work .... you name it ....

This Single stamp: RRP £7.00 (+85p on UMOUNT)

Sheet: RRP £13.50 (+£1.99 on UMOUNT)

The Rubbah Elf (the one, the only and the original) is cookin' up a storm in the workshop at the moment to put enough on the shelves, so I think that I can safely put it in stock now.

More tomorrow, of the designs that accompany this one on the sheet (you can purchase them individually of course, but this superb value).


Angie said...

This is gorgeous,

Nunt said...

Oh my gosh, gottagottagotta have this!

Love to Doodle! said...