Sunday, 27 December 2009

I survived the live stream .......

messed up quite a few times, but had fun doing it, which is man thing I guess.

I've just had a go at recording a quick intro on youtube for the video tutorial I will put together tomorrow morning and upload, plus I will be back on Ustream at 5 pm (GMT) tomorrow for another live session from the kitchen table when I will be attempting a tag without any kind of safey gear!

I need to fiddle with the position of the camera I think and try in front of me with the laptop to the side, as the intro video looked in focus as I was doing it, but when I uploaded looks out of focus quite badly ..... an "E" for effort at the moment, but I am pretty sure I will get the hang of it all eventually and if nothing else it provides a bit of comedic light relief for you all.


Cheri Howard said...

Pretty little pockets!

Lorraine said...

apart from the crackling sound its fine..well done for having a go