Sunday, 10 January 2010

Completely snowed no orders or candy can leave

as soon as we can get out to the post office we will, but I do not think that it will be tomorrow. There is nothing going up or down the road, and it is just like an ice rink out there.

Anyhoo, in the mean time I've just recorded a quick UStream video of my name plate for the new storage boxes I have that have been re-purposed. I found two of them on my desk when I got back from the Christmas break, my boss had left them there ...originally posh wine bottle were in them..... they are lovely (and quite large) brown leatherette hinged boxes, fully lined with brown suede.

I have one for pattern paper and one for cardstock, plus and this is the icing on the cake - the web cam fits in between the lining of the box snugly (held in place with bulldog clips for safety), and the two boxes on top of one another are the perfect height for streaming/recording vids.

UStream is being a bit of a pain again and I can't seem to upload it to Youtube, but you can check it out here:

EDITED TO ADD: I forgot to mention that there was very little talking in this video....just background noise and off bits of family life going on around me. I have commented on the "pink stuff" in the post above.

Plus we now have a dedicated "Broadcast" button over on which will easily take you to the UStream channel.

Toodles and Rubbah Elf are making a mega sized igloo in the garden, and I am tucked up in the warm .... it is still hacking down with snow as I type.

Wrap up warm.



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pinky said...

It came up lovely, unfortunately I was only getting the background noise and your cute child asking for help, and someone having a great big sneeze lol. Can I ask what the pink stuff was?