Sunday, 10 January 2010

#v8 - Mini-journal ..... humble beginnings

Hi all,

Another quick video, but more speaking this time, but I think I was zoomed in a bit too close for the available light levels, so the camera was having a hard time keeping up.

Pinky, I think that it was probably Mica Powder (a beautiful pink colour) by Special Touch, I got a set of yummy colours from them when I went to NEC. The other green one was Perfect Pearls by Ranger in irridescent green. The Tattered Angels spray also went over the top of it, and as I only have 2 colours (shock.....horror.......I am positively deprived!!!!!!) it would be "Rose Tea" colour - the only draw back with the one is that it has never sprayed correctly and tends to splodge (pure laziness on my behalf though because if I contacted MyTA they would send a replacement spray).

I will put a full supply list up for the whole of the mini when it's done, but this is just the really bare bones so far using our "Buck Naked" chipboard and the K&Co "Madeline" collection.

We are snowed in here, and very unlikely to be in a position to get out to go to work, despatch orders, or anything else ..... it is truly lethal out there - one of the draw back of living in a beautiful and rural part of the Kentish Countryside....but even then, since this cold snap that started in December, we have nearly always managed to get out .... only ever been one or two days when we couldn't .... this is prolonged and quite simply boring now.

BTW, I am sure it is driving you as batty as me, so I will fix V4 upload, which starts to play immediatley. I will replace the embedd with just a link to it, as every time I go on ..... off I chirp!!!


Carol Ann said...

Have watched them all your def getting better but there is still a bit of interference with the sound. All that said I love the start of that book and I am looking forward to watching it build.

Hugs Carol Ann xx

Galaxy Girl - my Stamp Galaxy Blog... said...

Thank you .... I should get better as I go, all a bit trial and error at the mo.

I had the digital radio on very near me, and that is probably making a difference to the sound quality. Plus if I have zoomed in to close it makes a difference, but I was in my PJ's (didn't want to frighten anyone!).

I am working on streaming via a camcorder as is much better quality than web cam, but it might take me a while to figure it out ... only just getting the hang of streaming.


pinky said...

All I can say is you are very daring, nothing seems to faze you, thanks for all the info and I will be watching you (not stalking). Hope the weather improves soon, we have now turned to slush, messy and slippy to walk in, so for you the worst has yet to come!