Monday, 19 April 2010

Anyone seen my Mojo

last seen lurking around a Mini Journal in January 2010....since then apart from helping with some painted flowers it is missing in action.

For one reason or another I have  been rejecting just about anything I turn my hand to at the moment.

I did a lovely background with Adirondack Dye inks, but was trying to be thirfty and did it on Epson Photo Paper .... you literally cannot heat emboss that stuff .... ask my how I know!!!!! Apparently, the Rubbah Elf knew that ...... and was astounded that I did not (despite the fact that he hasn't heat embossed anything ever).

I have salvaged enough for an ATC, but because the background is quite dark I then tried to glitter some of the stamped butterflies ..... shouldn't have done that.  It is now drying on my desk, I don't think that it will be good enough though as I need 3 ATC's for the Craft Stamper ATC swap - anyhoo, I will share it when dry and see if you have any comments.  I think that it is possibly just flat, and I do dimensional recently.

Back to the drawing board maybe, and try the Personal Impressions Glossy Cardstock - what I know for sure is that I can heat emboss that.

On a cheerful note, I popped over to Pickleberry Crafts at Faversham today (as I had the first of my Fair Place days off today pending the redundancy on 30th June - 4 more to go).  I took Mum, Toodles and the pesky puppy with me, and then we drove down the road a bit to Whitstable ..... so puppy could see the sea.  He loved the beach, and watched the waves coming in and out for ages, and also spent a long time staring off the harbour into the swell - he likes to watch things, at the weekend he apparently spent ages watching water drip out of his mouth onto the floor according to the Rubbah Elf, pausing to refill his mouth and drip more out - bless!

I didn't spend too much, as to be truthful I have so much already that it seems a bit silly to just spend for the sake of it - I did buy latest Craft Stamper, Adirondak Dye Spray in Stream, Tea Dye Crackle Paint and the Tim Holtz Baroque Big Shot Die.  I am kicking myself though as they had they lock interest for it, and for some strange reason I forgot to add it to the pile after a lot of umming and ahhhing.

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