Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Yay, got home to a lovely new Copic Order sitting in the hall .... thank goodness.

I've just finished updating the shop, with colours that were running low or out of stock, plus we have added the following new colours:

  • Sketch YG21 - Anise
  • Sketch YR18 - Sanguine
  • Sketch YR82 - Mellow Peach
  • Re-fill YR21 - Cream
Some of the other colours we ordered were not in stock, and unfortunately the Clear Spica's seem to have been missed off .... I will chase Copic tomorrow and chase them up, and also put in yet another order for some more new colours.

We've also now got some Cosmic Shimmer sets in stock, and I have been having great fun playing with them, so check out the store.


1 comment:

pinky said...

Kay I'll be on there today, my skin tones are emptying by the second lol.