Saturday, 14 August 2010

Arghghgh f-r-u-s-t-r-a-t-i-o-n .......

I seem to be coming up against quite a few problems putting these tags together:

  • Hot glue that is very brittle, and the wings keep falling off
  • Birds that refuse to be stuck properly to the bird cage - despite the fact that I am using Pin Flair Gel glue (which I love) ... as there is only quite a small amount they can be fixed to on to the outside and they are heavy and not flat!
  • Hot Fix Crystals have a hit and miss element to adhering and I think they are fine and fall off
I know .... quit moaning girlie .... it is just the everyday frustrations that we all share crafting, but arghghghghghhgh!

Hopefully though I will be in a position to fully put the 2nd tag in its cellophane wrapping later on today, and the 3rd one is nearly there just needs bead gel medium (that takes for ever to dry) and the back bit put on.

I suspose that I am just putting these frustrations into print as the Rubbah Elf has been winding me up about the length of time they have taken .... he's sees it all black and white and as a Production Engineer .... not the whole creative process that goes into it to get to actually producing a batch!

Anyhoo, off to Stevenage Stamp show with Alison tomorrow, to buy more statsh with which to get frustrated!!!!


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