Friday, 27 August 2010

Beginners' level metal

After my extravagent purchase of the Ten Seconds Studios the other week at Stevenage Stamp Show, I decided this morning that I would have a quick go at doing a flower (cut freehand) ...... so I used one of the PA Hot Picks Extra stamps and stamped out on bronze metal in Ultramarine Stazon ..... after much refining, puffing and pfaffing around I managed to get a very puffed up flower.

Oh no ... no filler .... so I had to hop off to Borough Green to the local DIY store, and picked up this lovely light weight filler (virtually feels like the tub is empty, and has the consistency of soft marshmallow) - it was super easy to fill the inside and set rock hard really quickly and not a bad price at all for a huge tub of it.

On the whole, and considering I cut the flower free hand rather than using the die, I am quite pleased with the outcome.  Unfotunately, I did sand the top and regret doing that, but then used a bit of Viva Decor Inca Gold which picked up the contours.

Toodles is back from the Grandparents today, and seems to have moved on from Shadette the Hedgehog to wanting to make a full on fur suit for next year!

Happy crafting folksies.


Kay xoxo

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