Monday, 23 August 2010

Having an 8 month old puppy is no walk in the park ....

well, actually it's strictly speaking lots of walks in many, many, parks and places .... but it certainly wasn't a walk in the park this morning when I slipped over on a muddy hill and went flying.   Unfortunately for me Russ thought it was his lucky day and assumed I had captured him a nice stick to play with he just jumped on me and dragged out the offending article without any heed as to what damage he was doing to Mummy .... PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!!!

Fortunately there was not a soul around to witness my indignity, and I managed to struggle up, slipping several more times as the stick whacked me and continued on our merry way .....

I will be back later on with craftyness, but need to shower off and divy out the Bird Cage Swap to all the participants.

Happy Crafting Crafettes.



1 comment:

Carolynne said...

Oh poor you, I am sure a hot shower will set you up for the rest of your crafty day.