Saturday, 14 August 2010

I am chilling upstairs for most of the day but ....

here's what I did when I sat chatting with the Kids in the studio:

IMG00117.jpg this is a blue moon event - a tidy desk on Twitpic

ohhh yes, unbelievably I did a tidy up session on my desk as it was beginning to pile up about 2 feet thick, and I had zero working space.

If you read my blog on a regular basis you will, of course, realise that this is a once in a Blue Moon event, as a tend to work in a mess, and stash push ...  but seriously, if I start to push back and pile on top ..... then I need to take drastic action ..... this I decided this morning as I tried cutting a precious piece of Websters paper on my kneed and got a very dodgy line!

I am off to Stevenage tomorrow, and think I will try and score some TSS tools and metal, might even be rempted with some of Leandra's Hot Pick stamps ..... it will be interesting to see what exactly I come back with won't it (if it is like always it will be completely different to that!)

Happy crafting ... more tags for the Bird Cage swap for me .... I am nearly done with the 2nd one.

Kay xoxo

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