Thursday, 5 August 2010

Phew finished the first mamoth stage of gilding

and now the last four have just this minute been sprayed with Tattered Angels Lily Pad, once this is dry I can then stamp on the leaf pattern (which will hardly notice that much) and give them a final polish and that is the first .... and major ..... element done in the project.

Lots of comments yesterday asked what they were for ..... well, they are for a Bird Cage swap on UK STampers - I have 4 tags and 2 6x6 mini pages do complete.  At least I know where I want to go in my head with this project, and am pretty much sticking to the plan at the moment.  The swap could be either a tag or 6x6, and 4 people elected tags and 2 of us 6x6 mini pages.  Personally, I am going to try to build a mini from swaps that I will be taking part in over the coming months on there.

If you aren't a member ..... I would seriously recommend you sign up, we've spent a lot of time upgrading the forum recently, added an awesome gallery .... as we have awesome members.  There is also a new newsletter feature been installed.  I would definitely say sign up for the Newsletter as there are lots of good things planned for it including an on-going swap feature (but I can say no more on that at the moment).

The large pile of what looked like MDF on my desk yesterday was in fact Bare Naked Chipboard in the form of the two 6x6 mini pages and four 3x6 for the tags - I like to work off chipboard as my stuff tends to be quite heavy with embellishments etc.  Today's task will be to prepare them with a quick gesso undercoat and then paint the sides with Rich Gold Jo Sonja's paint.  The deadline is 15th August, so I need to get a wriggle on now.

We didn't go out in the end yesterday as the Rubbah Elf felt a bit odd - 'twas very muggy here and we elected instead to snuggle up as a family on the bed and watch films - a good time was had though as it is lovely to spend time together .... it happens so rarely because of work etc.

We may go out on Friday for lunch instead, but Saturday is all about the Toodles - she is FORCING us to go to some kind of Sonic the Hedgehog convention in in London (she is even dressing up) .......... help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Minxy said...

well that answered my question.. shame i didn't have time to join this swap... maybe will be on a future one together :)