Sunday, 22 August 2010

Today I have mostly been ......

Mounting stamps, this is the last one to do today, and I am strangely one letter down from the alaphabet ..... now I need to track down where the deuce the pesky thing has got to.

This is the view of the latest ones hanging up on my Ikea rail.  You can see the new PA Hot Picks extra stamps picked up from Stevenage last week .... I am having a bit of trouble lining them up, but afer re-mounting my stamp on clean UMount (after making a cock up of stamping the image on the back), I'm a little closer to cracking it.   I love Leandra's products, and never normally have any issues with them ... so am fairly certain it is me being ditzy and not her lovely stamps!  I had a Eureka moment just now and realised I may have been trying to line up the wrong petal .... see I told you ditzy!!!!!

I have also been a good girl and done a tidy up on our external drive, so it is much quicker to navigate around the thing.  After a tidy up the hoover has also been deployed .... it is not a natural skill I possess, and I had to have a re-training session to be able to turn it on!

That done, the next thing is going to be unpacking and uploading the new Tando Creative chipboard shipment that's arrived for Stamp Galaxy.

Just muched a bacon sarnie, coffee and some thing nibbly next and then I will get on.

Happy Crafting Chicas



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Emma said...

I hate it when you misplace one letter! Hope you find it x