Thursday, 26 August 2010

UK STampers Post Card Swap update

I have just put the finishing touches to the Post Card that I showed on the vid yesterday.... but as it is drying I can't get a nice close up of it.

This is a not so close up ~ and consequently not brillo ~ picce, and I will scan it in hopefully tomorrow morning before Toodles gets home and takes over the PC.

BTW, you would not believe just how difficult it is to get you hot, sticky and inky mitts onto gauze ~ of the non-strecty kind ~ in the end Parental Control Unit had to be despatched further afield to get some for me!

Lots going on apart from that, but nothing I can tell you about at the moment ..... so you will just have to watch this space - ohh and the Sky Box seems to be on the fritz ~ which as Hels friend would say is driving me Bat Sh*t Crazy.

Happy crafting Crafy Darlings


Kay xoxo

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