Tuesday, 24 August 2010

UK STampers Postcard Swap

Hellosies Blogerettes

I have joined the UK STampers Postcard Swap, and whilst the closing date is not yet neigh, I did think I would get a jump on it and start my entry.

I decided that I really couldn't be bothered to do a 6x4 postcard, and have gone for a 6x6 canvass instead so far I have stamped a piece for the front, but this dear blogerettes ~ on account of the fact that I found a lovely white 6x6 piece of chipboard in my Webster's Pages pack ~ is the back thus far:

It is by no means finished, I still have to add some starfish I think and some other marine type image. 

To get this far, I roughly * painted with Cosmic Shimmer Watercolour in Soft Gold (7) ** ~if you are wondering about the asterisks appearing ... see notes below!~

Next Crackle Accents in Rock Candy were added just around the edge, and when dry Pine Needles Distress Ink rubbed in. 

On tissue I stamped out Ticket Stamp by Sir Tim ~this is in fact one of the few remaining wood block stamps I have, and this was it's maiden stamp ~ spent ages cutting them out, and then using modge podge stuck them over the "roughly painted" background".

Next I need to stamp some of the PA starfish onto tissue, and colour slightly with purple I think (to match the front image), I will be back later with that, even though I have a hurty arm this morning .... by beddybies time last night I could just about move my arm after the fall yesterday .... and I have to try and take that monster out today with just one good arm.

Pssst, have you noticed, I seem to have emerged from the "cute" side back to a sploshing ink, paint and goop around with happy abandon .... it feels good!

Happy Crafting Darlings.


Kay xoxo

* roughly - this is Kay speak for couldn't be bothered to find a larger paint brush and just used the teeny tinyest one that I could find on my desk - so it came out in lines.

** (7) this is just for me, as I have done a swatch ring of my colours, and this is the number that is on top of the Soft Gold pot.

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