Monday, 16 August 2010

vBlog #30 - My entry for the Bird Cage Swap on UK Stampers

This is the video of my entries, I will be back in a bit with another post on the supplies etc., and some photos.


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craftytrog said...

Oh my goodness kay!! I see what you mean about your birdcage tags now! So much detail, no wonder they took ages! How many did you have to make?! Lol! They are absolutely stunning though, & I have to find some of that gel bead medium now! You're such a bad influence! Lol! And btw, it wasn't me that made you put all that stuff in your baskets! Lol! Glad you liked the tag, I just called Beth over to see it starring in your vid! :o))
Must do another show together soon, it was such fun!
Alison xx
ha ha - there's that giant blue tag I forgot! Came in handy tho for your BG didn't it?! ;o)