Monday, 27 September 2010

Book Club #7 - The Brazen Bride

ISBN:  978-0-349-40004-4
By: Stephanie Laurens

Oh, how absolutely well named, Linette Trevission definitely was brazen, wanton even!  When fate smiled on her in a very strange way indeed, and dropped a dark haired fallen angel  (Logan Monteith) badly injured and unconscious in a cove that she owned in Guernsey.  She treated him, warmed him up, and when is memory returned, assisted him in taking his vital evidence onwards to England.

A second book in the Black Cobra Quartet, and some really unexpected turns and twists in this one too.  Possibly the best of the Stephanie Laurens books read so far .... somebody please make them into films!

A big fat 20 out of 10 for this fabulous tail .... a gripping and compelling read from the get go!

Be prepared for more of these, as I have a whole stack of them waiting in the wings to read, and the Parental Care will be ordering more from the library next week ~ they let you have 30 each out at a go!!!

Happy Crafting and reading


Kay xoxoxo

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