Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Does size matter?

I have been giving the size of paper a lot of thought recently ~ NERD ALERT! ~ I tend to use quite a bit of 6x6 for pattern, and 12x12 for cardstock.

I was just wondering what thoughts other people have on the subject, do you prefer 6x6, 8x8, 12x12 for pattern paper, or a combination of both?

Please comment, I would love to hear your views, I might even be pressed to stump up a bit of candy at random for one of the comments left ~so pass the word around

I will leave this post at the top of the blog for a week. Please see below for current posts until this blog candy ends.

Happy crafting


Kay xoxox


Sarah said...

I do use a variety of sizes of patterned paper but probably because I am at heart a scrapbooker I keep returning to 12x12 - well because I'm a scrapbooker and because you seem to get the widest selection in that size

Carolynne said...

I tend to use a variety of sizes but it really depends on my mood at the time. At the moment I am really into 8 x 8 cards but with the 12 x 12 I can get so many different sizes from them. Don't think my answer was really what you wanted to hear


Lynn said...

I use all sizes but probably A4 most. I do have 6x6 but usually find that I want to use it for an A5 card and it's not big enough so I'm trying to avoid this size in future. I print a lot of my papers at A4 size and this can be used for most of the card sizes that I make (A5, 6x6 or 8x8) but I also have a lot of 12x12 'cos when I see some that I like I just have to have it. Not sure if I've helped here.

Lynn x

butlersabroad said...

As a card maker I find most of the patterns too big on the 12x12 sheets and some of the 8x8 too. There aren't that many 6x6 paper pads in this country (USA) so I get a lot of 5x7 and 4x6. If I do go with a bigger sheet then I pick very plain patterns, like dots or stripes or something that can translate to a smaller card.


Carol Ann said...

I tend to use 6 x 6 papers most of my cards tend to be around the 6 x 6 size only using A4 card for something special.

Carol Ann xx

Susie Little said...

Hi Kay,
As Primarily I am a cardmaker, I find the pattern on 12 x 12 papers too big for my needs so use 6 x 6 papers or 8 x 8 if 6 x 6 is not avalible but always 12 x 12 card stock for my card base as I generally make 6 x 6 cards. 12 x 12 papers usually get used for Altering things.

Susie xx

Cheryl said...

well i use lots of defferent sizes I prefer 12 x 12 for altering,and making things like bags,and things but tend to stick to 6x6 or 8x8 for cards,the other thing when things are tight money wise I cant always afford the 12 x 12 paper pads,so the smaller ones,come in really handy in that way love cheryl xxxx

Kathryn said...

I'm a 12 x 12 girl as a scrapbooker at heart, and there is the most choice in that size and also I loke to just lay it out and look at it for a while sometimes, LOL K x