Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Another Page Done in the Envelope Mini and Book Club #14

I was right, I love the stamp set, and in particular I love, love, love the Fragile image.

The second page ~apart from the tags ~ I think is nearly done....

I am changing the orientation of the pages as I progess, as I want it to be something that isn't just looked at from a single angle.

The more I work with the Steampunk Debutante paper, the more I love it too ..... especially the scrummy postage stamp paper - the stamps are lovely and tiny (used on both pages so far) and are perfect to add to projects ~ always a bonus as there are so many of them on even the 8x8 page.

I was a bad girl last night, I consumed an entire Stepanie Laurens novel in one sitting - started about 3 'ish and finished the last 5 pages this morning .... even for me that's a recond.

So Book Club #14 - Captain Jack's Woman ~ Stephanie Laurens - ISBN: 978-0-7499-4018-8

Wild Child and hell-fire Kathryn (Kit) Cramner returns to her grandfather's house in Norfolk after six long and reluctant years doing the pretty in London, to again run wild on her black mare Delia.

At the same time Lord Jonathan Hendon (aka Captain Jack Leader of a Smuggling Gang and the High Commissioner) also returns to his Estate after fighting in the campaigns and various other spying activities for Westminster.

Their ways collide, Kit is dressed as a boy, and she leads Jack to believe that she/he is an illegitimate member of the Cranmer household ... not in fact the very legitimate granddaughter.  The usual kidnap, murder and and smut of the very highest orders descends, with Captain Jack realising why he was having such a strange (and apparently against the norm) reactions to the young lad ... perfect as always, and a book I literally could not put down.  Another 20/10.

Right, that's enough for now ... I am off to walk the Hound of Ightham Common and then seriously knuckle down to admin and other less interesting stuff today.

Happy crafting and reading.


Kay xoxox

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