Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Bits and Bobs ....

I'm eagerly awaiting the G45 Steampunk Debutante paper, which is winging its way to me, so I can get on with my Envelope Mini Album .... I caved I simply had to have it!

Meanwhile, a quick look at my desk ~ I need to tidy up later ~ as it is looking a bit of a mess with my Mini and Toodles' head base for her fur suit that Guy and I are helping here with:

The base is made from plastic canvas, and we got about one third through last night .... it's incredibly difficult to stitch together and hurt my hands badly last night.  I did say she would have to do it, but it takes a bit of strength to do ... so I will have to see it through (she will be doing the foam bit though).

As you can see the first envelope page has moved on a bit, with some lovely beads and gems added to a brushed steel photo turn etc.

The Adage Ticket and clock image (PA) which I eventually managed to wedge in the Memo Pin are waiting for embellishments to be added in.  Those suckers are great, but are really tight!!!

I think will have to work out the binding next so I don't put anything too low down.  I had thought I would do one opening to the side and then another opening to the top, and alternate that combination with a couple of normal pages or some kind, but will give it a bit of thought when that first binding bit is completed.

Happy Crafting


Kay xoxoxox

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