Sunday, 10 October 2010

Book Club #12 & #13 & Copics have arrived

#12 - On a Wild Night ~ Stephanie Laurens ~ ISBN: 978-0-7499-3723-2

Oh dear, 2 books this weekend ... as you can guess pretty little crafting has been done ....

I won't bore you with all the details on these, except that they do live up to the usual expectations.

A Cynster Twin, Amanda hasn't found anyone to tempt her into marriage during her several seasons, and so takes matters into her own hands and descends to the demimonde to tempt out a suitable mate.

Suffice to say Martin Fullbridge, Earl of Dexter now returned from banishment after ascending his title proves to be exactly the thing once he has declared his love and solved the scandal that allowed him to return to his true place within the ton.

Another 9/10.

#13 - A Secret Love ~ Stephanie Laurens ~ ISBN: 978-o-7499-3720-1

A overpowering debt that will ruin her family drives Lady Alathea Morwellan to seek help from her childhood friend and combatant Rupert (Gabriel) Cynster.  Except that she feels she can only do so disguised as a Widowed Countess to ensure that she gains his full support, and he doesn't just leave the matter to his men of business.

As is always obvious with the Bar Cynster he will of course seek, and claim a reward ... her.

His desires get higher along with the stakes and eventually thanks to the mistake of a tweeny she reveals herself to him in a ballroom, simply by the perfume she has used in error.

Eventually sufficient proof to get the debt overturned is obtained, and both declare their love ... apparently not something ease to obtain from a Cynster.

It made me cry a big fat 20/10.


Oh, and Copics arrived late on Friday ... I have just been far to busy reading to upload them, but will start to do that.  I was astounded actually as usually an order takes about 2 weeks to get delivered, this time it was a few days ~ it's an urgent re-stock and more new colours. Looking at the dimensions of the package, it doesn't appear that they have put in the clear storage cases, but I will check with them on Monday, it might be they were out of stock, or have forgotten them!

We are also waiting for a Graphic 45 order to arrive from the good ol' US of A, which I can't wait for.

Happy Crafting




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