Sunday, 17 October 2010

Distressing Disease has come over me

I seem to have a bit of a Distressing Disease at the moment ~ see Exhibit A:

but, actually it's OK because the end result is a nicely oranised pile of Distress Inks ~ see Exhibit B:

It was actually a really useful excercise, and I discovered that I had the incorrect lids on some of them!  At this point though, you need to feel very sorry for me ..... as these few paltry DI's are all I own .... I need to correct that!

I got "Faded Jeans" yesterday at Hobbycraft, so that is a start along with some hot melt glue sticks.  Unfortunately, I've had to make yet another trip to Hobby Craft this morning, as the glue sticks didn't fit my glue gun (wrong shape), so I got a new glue gun ~ see Exhibit C:

Guess what, the bloody glue sticks are too big, they were right next to the glue gun, so I am going to take them back and complain, why would you do that put glue sticks that are too big next to each other?  Yet another trip tomorrow.

I've just finished another book, but won't bother you with it on here, I post post it on Toodles Book Club.

Happy Crafting



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