Sunday, 31 October 2010

In praise of Copic Warm Gray No. 7

On the face of it, Warm Gray No. 7 is a plain old colour, but I love it for giving an old metal patina to things, as it has a nice brownish hue when added over metal.  It also looks fabulous if I team it with YR07.

I think now it's a colour I reach for more, and more.

Lately, I am also using the re-inkers on a regular basis, as there are a wide range of colours, and the size of the bottle is really good value for money.  Although I'm not sure how many others have realised the potential of them.  I think I need to go away and do some video tutorials to show just what can be done with them.

Toodles and I are just waiting for the rain to clear, and then we're headed to the local park to do a quick video .... and then keep our fingers crossed that it will be a fairly rain free night this evening for her usual Halloween fright night.

In the meantime I think I'll do a bit more to my Envelope Mini, the front page is laid out ~ I used W7 on the metal plate on it ~ and the heat gun is hotting up.

Happy Crafting.

Kay xoxox

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