Saturday, 2 October 2010

Other side of the Envelope & Book Club #8 & #9

The other side of the Envelope page that I posted the other day is now prepared, and patiently awaiting Steampunk type decoraction....sadly I have none, and so will have to buy the G45 Steampunk Debutante collecton!!!!!

I know, I know you are thinking "poor cow, she has to go craft shopping", but don't worry I will bear up under the strain somehow .... sigh!

Not much else in the way of crafting so far this weekend, but I have finished two more books .... look away now if you are bored.  I will keep it brief, but for my own inner OCD self they were:

#8 - The Untamed Bride ~ Stephanie Laurens ~ ISBN:  978-0-7499-5225-9

The third Black Cobra novel featuring Colnel Derek Delborough and Miss Deliah Duncannon.  Upon his arrival carrying the decoy letter she saves him from being shot, and he has to take her on the journey to delivery the missive into the hands of the Cynsters'/Wolverstone - accounting for 14 or so cultists or so on the way.  As usual, steamy and so very well written .... wouldn't by now expect anything else from this particular author and another 9/10.

#9 - A Gentleman's Honour ~ Stephanie Laurens ~ ISBN 978-0-7499-4029-7

A Bastion Club novel featuring Anthony Blake, Viscount Torrington and desparate and penniless Alicia Pevensey (pretending to be a young widow, Alicia Carrington).

Sinfully sensual novel, peppered with humou, and a big fat 10/10 .... actually I think thus far Tony has been my favourite.

I have my next read Mastered by Love waiting for me by my PJ' laters folks.

Happy crafting and reading.


Kay xoxoxo

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