Friday, 15 October 2010

Toodles Book Club

To save those of you who are really not fussed about Historial Romances, I've just started a new blog Toodles Book Club, so I can just my review/aide memoires in one place.

I discovered a fabulous book review site the other day Love~Romance~Passion, and this afternoon decided that I would have a go at writing a bigger review, and have just heard back that I have had it accepted and it will be published on 21st October.  I will then need to get a further 2 reviews published and will become an Advanced Review Contributor.  This just about made my day, and Kiera was so kind about my work.  Maybe that novel I have been pondering for the longest time will now get written......

I have had zero crafting today, as I try and have Friday's off, however, I have done a bit of tidying up on my desk, and  started to organise bits and bobs.  Thanks to everyone who had lovely things to say about my moaning post on Wednesday, you all made me feel 100% better.

Happy Crafting


Kay xoxox

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