Friday, 19 November 2010

Thank Crunchie it's Friday

or another title ......... What is on my Workdesk Friday .......... well, this actually:

or if you want to look beyond that ........... then this:

Oh yeah .......... still the same ol' same ol' ....... MESS.

I am working on ignoring completely the G45 November project as you can see.  Plus there are remnants of present wrapping, i.e. raffia and red ribbon, as today is the birthday of one of Toodles' friends.

I've just written a review for Love~Romance~Passion, which actually started out life as just a quick review for Toodles Book Club, but grew to such epic proportions I submitted it in the hope that 'tis published.  Now I need to pack the latest orders, and authorise a few more downloads of G45 Project, and then I can pop to the Post Office and do some banking .... maybe then, I get do a bit more the the project that I seem incapable of following to the letter.

TTFN blogettes.

Kay xoxox

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