Thursday, 30 December 2010

Update on my lack of a new computer

I have spent a goodly proportion of the day on the phone with City Link and Aria Computers.

Actually, I felt sorry for the lovely girl at City Link who couldn't help me at all, but took the time to listen to my problem.  At least they were marginally more helpful than Aria Computers.  The gentleman I spoke to in their so called Customer Relations department today not only passed on the impression that he somehow found it all a bit humorous, he was arrogant, but unhelpful and unwilling to do anything.  Apparently, I can have a refund when I return the goods ......... the goods are stuck in a hub somewhere in the UK ......... so how can I do that? He seems to think it is "unfortunate" but was not able to advise me when the thought "unfortunate" was going to turn to UNACCEPTABLE.

Even the offer of refunding me the shipping costs would have gone a long way to appeasing me, but no it's not their fault and they DON'T care.  City Link advised me today that they have kept their customers well informed about the situation, but you know, I haven't had a single email from Aria the whole time to keep me updated on progess or lack of it!

Fortunately, I made the purchase using my credit card, and have now put the matter in dispute with them.

I know how much emphasis we place on customer service at the SG, and so it has taken me by surprise to find out that not all companies do the same.  I have even been know to drive a long distance to put something right that I had no control over, but to make sure my customer was not disadvantaged ....... apparently I'm in the minority.

I will never buy another thing from Aria Computers they shown nothing but crap customer service with rude ad unhelpful staff.

Guy ordered his new phone on Christmas Eve and it arrived via DHL yesterday, not that is what you call service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cazzy said...

We had two deliveries due to be delivered by Citylink both before Christmas, neither arrived.
One was curtains from John Lewis, the other my new camera that was my Christmas present.
Citylink finally arrived today with the camera, the driver told us he should have two parcels on the van for us but couldn't find the second. We really needed them in the snowy weather to keep a bit of cold out, now it is warmer it doesn't matter so much but we waited in all week before Christmas and we are still having to stay in now just in case they turn up. All other orders arriving via other couriers and Royal Mail arrived before Christmas, even when not really expected to make it. So what went wrong with Citylink? John Lewis are not happy with them that is for sure!

Lynne in NI said...

grrrr, crappy customer service just makes me mad! Unfortunately there seems to be more and more of it these days!