Wednesday, 15 December 2010

WOYWW #80 - There is a desk in here somewhere!

Can anyone spot it under the CHAOS!!!!!!

How can a desk descend this rapidly in 24 hours ........... I swear it was neat and tidy at around 9 am in yesterday.

Actually, it probably looks worse that it really is - my laptop is taking up a lot of the spare room, and piled atop that is a order that seems to have gone terribly wrong.  Rubbah Elf ordered a smart new HD webcam (for Xmas for me apparently) and we got a wireless router ........... go figure, the bear no resemblance.  It took quite a few phone calls to them yesterday to get a returns notice and explain that yes, we had had our order, but no, it definitely wasn't what we requested!

The other detritus is bits that have been moved off the colour printer to load in more ink.  There is also lurking for the eagle eyed WOYWWERS another tag (not an Xmas one) using the Sir Tim (Duke of Distress) Game of Life set of stamps.  A close up?

there you go.

The floor is in even more disarray, what with my Wild Orchid Crafts Order to be put away:

and more newly arrived products for Stamp Galaxy Shop to be checked through, uploaded and put away.

my tape gun seems to be lurking there as well for no apparent reason, I've been looking for that!

As you can see, it is all going swimmingly......or no, 'tis not depending on how low my coffee intake has dropped at a particular moment.

Other random stuff you might like to/might not like to know:

  • 12 Days of Xmas Blog Candy Day 4 winner will be in another post above, sorry I am late.
  • My lovely new HD video recorder that I got for my birthday on Saturday is precisely that ... but our computer is refusing to be friends with it.  We have had to order a rather smart and hopefully very fast new fried for it, 7 more days until delivery apparently.
  • We have also had to order in smart new software friends for it as the old software doesn't do modern HD files either.
  • Got an email yesterday to let me know that our Play Time Set 1 is featured (with a lovely project by Editor Katy) in February issue.  My artwork is also featured in PaperCraft Essentials in February too, so it will be a Toodles and Binks top heavy publishing month.
  • I am working on new stamp designs, which will be released early in January hopefully.
Right if you are still awake .... please step HERE on the magic carpet ride to Fair Queen Julia's palace to see all our other WOYWW pals probably tidier and more interesting spaces.


Kay xoxo


TanySol said...

Awesome tag! Loooove the stamp set! And a flowers....mmmmmmm :)

jude said...

Thats one busy creative ,messy
Love your tag and the colour combo youve used.Thanks for the candy cant wait for it to arrive.Happy Wednesday be creative!
hugs judex3

Chrissie said...

Looks like you have lots of new things to play with, but I do sympathise with all the techy probs! All these things are great when they work!
Chrissie #1

Rhonda said...

oh those boxes look inviting! Happy WOYWW! #5

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Holy cow. You are busy and busy. I want that box of flowers. Awesome. And that tag is really a gorgeous color and design. Hope you get your electronic problems taken care of. I hate it when one component won't talk to another. Have a great WOYWW (#4).

oneoff said...

Hope your gadgetry woes all work out! I think I have officially reached the age where I will have to ask the Godchildren to come round and assist. All the deliveries look really exciting: pretty flowers!

Bernie #29

Shirley Pumpkin said...

OMG.. I think I can see where there is a leg, that might be to a desk under the heap of cool stuff... lol

Shirley Pumpkin #2

Marjo said...

Hi Kay,

Could you please forward that box of flowers to me, I think you got them by

Gorgalicious tag! Lovin the mess. Thanks for the peek and sharing.

Hugs, Marjo #25

Helen said...

I can see about a spare inch of desk, just!! Love your desk today, it's full of loveliness - and so are you boxes of goodies.

Minxy said...

Morning Kay, I didn't know you had a thing for wild orchid flowers, i'm the same, have a really useful box stuffed with their goodies lol
Lovely tag, nice to see something thats not christmas lol
have a good rest of week
happy woyww
hugs Minxy #28

Minxy said...

Oh BTW your new stamps look great :D

Doone said...

it took FOUR goes to explain tot he suppliers that a Kitchen Aid food processor IS NOT repeat NOT a Kitchen Aid food MIXER.

and inthe end they sent the processor without asking for the (third) Mixer back - el stupido's

be patient all things come to him who waits and you sometimes get to keep the stuff they sent in error if you can get them to recognise how much they have annoyed you, but, Hey, you have stayed sweet kind and charming through out and the only thing you have insisted upon is that you will continue to refuse to pay any additional postage...( i think they figured the cost of the item (third time of return) was less that the overall postage (Kitchen AId stuff weighs a Tonne)....

and I can also relate to the software issues - too many people get suckered by not knowing the specifications - trading standards I think could insist on plain English compatibility traffic lights...



airing cupboard crafts said...

Love the new stash. your desk looks fine - creative

laura 61 x

Wipso said...

Lots of lovely stash to play with and you cant be expected to keep it all tidy :-)
If you fancy being in with a chance to win a little knitted Christmas bear and haven't already put your name down then pop over to my blog to be in with a chance :-)
A x

Morti said...

How unfair of you to suggest your space is not interesting! Well done on the goodies and the publishing stuff.

Sherry Goodloe said...

LOVE your space!! Lots going on and I just love that :)

I'm #85 on WOYWW this week. Stop by when you get a chance!

Happy Holidays to you.

Joanne said...

I've spent ages looking at those lovely flowers.

Julia Dunnit said...

AM very happy to hear about Feb being your month in print, that set is sublime! The tag is lovely - have you selected the numbers entirely randomly? Feel reassured by your desk - also relieved for you - after all if you pick up the laptop, there'll be an immediate creation of loads of space.

Pam said...

Lots of lovey stuff. Hugs Pam x

Twiglet said...

You are busy!! That's why your desk is like it is - enjoy!!

Cardmaking Galore said...

Love the tag and all that stash! Enjoy crafting

voodoo vixen said...

Lovely creative desk and I could dive into the box with the flowers in it... yummy!!

Serendipity Stamping said...

Oh what a lot of goodies today, don't have time to look at the desk, lol. What in the world did we do before all this electronic stuff that goes off on a tangent every once in awhile. #79

Jennie said...

Excellent desk! just how I like 'em! bring your tg over to mine and add it to the Tag withdrawal challenge :))
Happy Woyywing!

sandra de said...

It' all happening on your desk. Love all the new goodies. I sooooo relate to the software incompatibility issues. We got a new super fast router (fantastic) now we have to unplug and replug every 48hours or it doesn't work and that is the best technical solution after so many phone calls that I lost count!!! grrrr
Sandra #57

JoZart said...

I can only just spot the laptop! Great mess. I love it!
joZarty x