Wednesday, 29 December 2010

WOYWW #82 - New set up on my desk

Hello Peeps,

Compliments of the Season to you all .... I haven't been around on the blog since last week ... shame on me!

Now it seems that I'm having mega probelmos upload photos on blogger.  What's going on.

Anyhoo, I will push on with the post ......... Rubbah Elf/Kids bought me an HD Web Cam for Xmas, and so I have been having a re-organise of my desk to accommodate it.  Note the handy-dandy web-cam box that it's sitting in ~ seems like a perfect height etc for the job (I have been cruel and weighted it down with several beany teddy bears in the dark on the inside!!).

What you can't see just off to the left-hand side of me now is a vintage tea trolley which has all my essentials that sat in front of my on the desk usually, plus my trimmer and other bits and pieces.

Last night I had a bit of spare time and started to play with my TSS metal gear, and this is the result ..... clearly I have a long way to go, but had such fun.

Still no sign of the new computer system, and absolutely dreadful customer service from the courier company (the one that likes to link cities) .......... it was last tracked on 20th December, and nada, zip, nofink since that date and time.  I cannot get hold of anyone at the company to actually speak to ... their stupid voice mail message just refers me to my tracking info ........... it doesn't take much imagination to work out how badly damaged this is going to be after 9 days in a warehouse being kicked around!

Enough moaning for now, hop over to the Fair Queen Julia's blog to catch up on the other WOYWW'ers.

Happy crafting.




Rachel said...

Moan all you want. We're all friends here and totally understand and feel your pain. And no shame on you for not blogging in a week. You had other things to do and no one thinks less of you for that.

Fingers crossed for your parcel and I hope you have a very happy New Year.

cheers, rachel #15

Sid said...

Hope you get the computer sorted and like your little contraption to support the HD cam !!

Julia Dunnit said...

God it's so frustrating..we've had a van from that company parked up on our estate this holiday - want me to go and let down the tires - or look in it!!I think you just invented the best use for beanies - in this house they just sit idly and collect dust, so kudos to you!

sandra de said...

Wishing you all the best with the new computer system when it finally arrives. Hope the new year is better.
Sandra #29

The Paper Princess said...

Your desk looks awesome - happy new year!


S said...

Hope your package arrives in tact - it's tricky this time of year, so have patience. Happy New Year! S #48

Minxy said...

Oh thats not good Kay, can you not complain to the company you brought the computer from, surely its there responsibility to sort things. I hate it when stuff like that happens, and its not like its a cheap item either. I hope its sorted soon for you x
You've reminded me i have all the metal stuff, but i'm useless with it! BTW, i appears your tag is harder to find than bin lardon! but i know its here...somewhere!!!!
Might see you for the new years link up x

JoZart said...

It will be extra special when you finally get your delivery. but I'd moan too for sure!
Happy 2011
JoZarty x

Debgem said...

Your desk is so organised!! Hope the parcel arrives soon - there's nothing more frustrating than waiting for stuff!!

Happy New Year to you.

Rhonda said...

Happy New Year! Good luck in getting your delivery. I know how frustrating this all is, especially when all you get to talk to is a computerized phone system! Hopefully this will all be over soon. Happy WOYWW! #4

ANewYear said...

Hope the computer gets straightened out soon.
Happy New Year!

oneoff said...

Happy New Year!

Hope your parcel turns up soon; it's miserable when stuff just seems to vanish into the ether. I'm sure you'll have a great time when all the techie stuff is revved up and ready to go. In the meantime, moan as much as is needed; as Rachel points out, you're among friends.

Bernie #17

Marjo said...

That embossing looks great! I wanna play with some of that metal gear too..

Happy creative crafting in the New Year. Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #10

Elizabeth said...

Ah, I've been there too - I waited in from 17th Dec for a delivery from said Company, tracked my package and it was 'in transit' from Glasgow to Ayr that day, and the next, and the next, etc. It was finally delivered on 23rd December, just giving me time to do some last minute shopping on Christmas Eve. No explanation as to how a package could take 6 days to come from a town 40 minutes away. So I quite understand your moans but, take heart,I think your computer will be in okay condition when you do finally take delivery - my package was. Love the metalwork - very nice. Wishing you and yours a healthy and happy New Year. Elizabeth #57

Pam said...

Complain all you want to - sounds like a fair thing to do in this situation, plus half of our team is a New Yorker - they are the champion belly achers ;) Get it all out of the way so that you'll have a smooth sailing 2011. Hauoli makahiki hou!

jude said...

Sorry to hear baout your computer ,as you say what state will it get to you in??One thing i would do is contact the company you bought the computer from and complain about there courier service and that you cant get hold anyone and also make big complaint to courier service and tell em your going to watch dog.As they were featured on there not too long ago whihc wont do them any good!
good luck hopefully new year new start will bring a computer in good working order for you.
All the best for 2011
hugs judex5

Susan said...

I'm feeling your pain new pink ATG gun did not arrive for Christmas so Hubby had to wrap up some Stampin' Up sets for my kids to give me on Xmas Day. They were new but that is so not the point! Where's my ATG gun?? I just hope that it does arrive soon!
Love your new webcam set-up and I hope you let the teddies out for some air from time to time!
Happy final WOYWW for 2010 and Happy 2011!
Susan #13

minnie_mac said...

Hope your delivery arrives soon.


Serendipity Stamping said...

Enjoy your web cam once it is all up and runnin. I didn't even know one was built into my laptop until my grandson was using it one day and I walked by and said, "oh my gosh is that your brother (the one in the Navy) and he said, "yeah he's home in his apartmet." I asked if #1 had bought something and put it on my computer and he turned and looked at me and shook his head and of course his brother could see and hear us and he was laughing his head off. Neither one could believe I didn't know it had a build in web-cam. Well if the salesman didn't tell me how would I know. After all he did tell me a bunch of lies about what it would do, NOT. What can I say. Your metal looks like a fun project to try. Don't forget about your beany babies. #75