Friday, 7 January 2011

Got my Goat?

Well, somebody has!

I have mis-placed my Guiseppe the Goat stamp....... or has he simply run away?  He's one of my favourites and I use him a lot, so I am sure he will turn up somewhere unexpectedly.

Just as well we sell him, as he is next on the project list, so I've had to get another one out and about to mount it on umount.  I don't like mounting stamps ......

You will be delighted to know that the new computer is in place, and the old one has migrated to Toodles room.  Guy has put the basics on there, and I have sound now too!  We still have things like the accounts package and Corel etc to install, plus he has to put my new software on.  It's windows 7, and so different to XP or Vista.  I just tried to use the network, had to share it, couldn't work out how and will now have to leave that to the Technical Guy.  All in all though it is fast, and a lovely sound and HD screen is larger and very fab pictures.  So I am feeling a whole lot better.

Happy crafting.




Julia Dunnit said...

Oh as soon as you've mounted the new one, you'll find the other! Bright side though - then you'll have two goats for people to get!
Great news about the last. And now for the learning curve. Yuk!

oneoff said...

So glad that the tardy PC has finally made it to yours. I'm sure the bigger screen will be great for all the design work. Switching between Vista and Windows 7 does get easier; I use both regularly and after the first couple of weeks, it's not been too much of a pain.

As for Guiseppe, perhaps he has popped out to the sales for some new Lederhosen?