Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year All

I indulged in some drunken New Year's Eve crating last night on Ustream ........... for which I can only apologise!

Don't watch it if you are easily offended by drink, chocolate, unsavoury bad language, bad parenting and worst crime of all ............... inept crafting.......... just saying is all......................

Have a happy, prosperous and carefree 2011.

Happy note:  Artsy Crafty tickets arrived for Sid and I yesterday.

Unhappy note:  the envie was open and our badges were gone, but the tickets etc were inside.  I am reasonably content from what Sid said that we are not alone, that it was a fault with the envelopes going through the mail machines, and a Postie is not going to turn up, craft with Timmie and eat my lunch!  Leandra and Jo you know what I look and behave like (enough unsavoury evidence above) don't let him/her in unless he is wearing purple Cavalry boots and behaves like that!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even more unhappy note:  what  the F*&* is going on with my fringe!!!!!!!!!!!


pinky said...

Wasn't too bad lol. Like the idea of using my odd letters up like that:)Make use of the 13 year old, they grow out of helping so quickly lol. Love the tag:)Think I need one of those craft sheets you are working on!! Very entertaining lol. Hope you get your lunch ok:) Happy New Year to you and your little helper:)

Posh Cat Crafts said...

Very entertaining, had me in giggles and yes make use of your 13 year old. Mines just turned 14 and she is still helpful. Loved the tag and the flower will have to give it a go. Happy New Year to you and your family.