Saturday, 8 January 2011

Just finished colouring Project 4

now and am waiting for the little bits of glossy accents to dry .... all I need to do then actually DO the project if you see what I mean.

I had a nasty accident with a goat's tail yesterday too, as I was mounting up the stamp I cut across at what I thought was a generous angle and went right through the middle of his tail - ACKKKKK!  So I had to start again, what a waste of a stamp and mounting foam.  Still it was my own stupid fault, I should have been concentrating.

It's been an odd day, and all about face today.  We had to rush off to Sevenoaks to get something for Toodles to wear to a family do tomorrow, and then she got a call to go over to a friends, so I had to drop her off.  Therefore the Hound of Ightham Common didn't get walked until 1 o'clock.  I've been busy since downloading the accounting software onto the new computer, and working on the colouring and other SG admin stuff.  The bed hasn't even been made yet, and it's now three in the afternoon.  I expect that I'll have to poodle off soon to pick Toodles up from Riverhead as well.

At some point I also have to make some banana bread to take with us tomorrow.  It's all go.

Happy Saturday peeps.



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