Sunday, 23 January 2011

Making a Cake of Myself

or rather .... made a cake for somebody else.

One of the tiny cupcakes I made the other day, has bee hung from a jump ring and then a silver chain ... for MIL's birthday.

I wasn't sure how to wrap it, and then Sir Tim (Duke of Distress) to the rescue, I remembered that I had kept lots of the Idea-ology packaging.  So cut the back off one, added, some G45 Playtimes Past Papers, lace around the edges, gingham ribbon left on my butler trolley, and lots of lovely Cherry Blossom and Rose papers from my ever growing box of flower lovliness.

Then stamped the cooking image from our Playtime - Set 1 in Vintage Photo Distress ink, coloured with a few Copics here and there, more distress inks added around the edges and then several coats of UTEE.

The picture is mostly rubbish, I took it with the web cam, but the weather is so yuck and dark I ended up with shadow issues.  I did try and correct them best I could, but I need to look at the lighting, as the box that the Cam is mounted in casts bad shadow down one side - OTT light to the rescue I think!

Happy crafting.


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Theresa said...

Very sweet and adorable! Just know she'll love it!