Thursday, 6 January 2011

A quick sneak of Project 2 ....

and I went to pick up the computer yesterday from the couriers.  I had to wait a while as they said they couldn't find it, but bless the young man we carried on looking for me and tracked it down in the warehouse .... still I think I looked like a woman on the edge ..... and preparing to demand to see the manager if it was lost and hold his head under the toilet and keep flushing until they gave me what I wanted!!!

Guy spent last night doing his techie thing, and it currently sitting waiting to be installed in the office tonight, with the old one moving rooms to Toodles chamber.  She's also claimed the office chair from in here, leaving me with the one from her room, which is the same model but very stiff ..... feels a little odd ...... the usual butt groove is missing (sorry for the indelicacy).

I've just had a long morning of order processing and packing, and then administration, so the Hound of Ightham Common is still not walked - mind you, it is pouring with rain, so I might give it a rest as he is happy enough devouring yet another bone in the utility room.

I still have several project to do, but thought you might a look at a bit of Numero 2 above.  I took it with the quick caputure feature on my new HD webcam ..... it takes marvellous piccies, even though I had the shakes ..... I deny that it is the Tia Maria and Archers from last night by the way!!!!!

Happy crafting.


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