Thursday, 10 February 2011

UK STampers Journal Challenge Week 1 - Goals

A work in progress for you this morning....I decided to play along with the Journal challenge, but not in the 6x4 format (too small for me!).

I sloped off to Hobbycraft last night and bought a journal, pages are a tiny bit thin, but I am sticking them together .... this is as far as I got last night

Background done with Caran D'Aache Neocolour II Watersoluable Wax Pastels, splatter stamp and French Script stamp, plus white Acrylic.  I am pleased I got them (yep, another thing that fell in the bag last night).

Title done with Sakura Black Gel Glaze Pen and Souffle Pen ..... they fell in the basket - along with a white Posca Pen (that one was Sid's fault) and some Fimo Puppen (that makes me laughh!!!).

Toodles contribution to the huge bill was a Manga book, a black pen (another one) and a sketch book (about the 4th one since Xmas).  

Really somebody should have a word, as I was wandering oh so gently down the rows an acrylic roller, some coloured fimo and a set of sculpey tools positively launched themselves into the basket unbidden .... Health & Safety issue surely?  Or at least it will be when the Rubbah Elf finds out how much the bill was.

Happy crafting.


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Morti said...

ROFLMAO - Love the way you've phrased it - but yes, craft shops should all have risk assessments done on them...