Friday, 18 March 2011

In case any one is wondering where the heck I am ...

I had a car accident yesterday morning, and whilst I am OK'ish my poor lovely Fiat is quite sick.  He doesn't have a very flattering rear end any more!

Other driver has completely admitted he was at fault, but it was the shock (bit of whiplash) and all the telephone calls I  had to make yesterday that stopped me working.

My hire car should be here this morning, and I can then be mobile again...they are also due to pick up my car for repair in the next day or so.



Julia Dunnit said...

Oh gah...poor you - it's a while before the shock takes over actually...take it very easy and nurse that neck. And then curse the inconvenience. Am glad you won't have to live without a car though - that's just the pits!! Go steady gal, the neck thing needs nursing.

oneoff said...

Ouch! Take care of that neck (and the rest of you).