Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Last night I had way too much fun

NB: I seriously need a new phone the camera on my Blackberry is v.v.v.v rubbish!!!!

Face off IMG00169.jpg on Twitpic

with my new Art Doll Face mould and now have a surplus of faces ........... so what to do?

Well, I thought I would put some in some of the orders going out this week.  As you all know we send out a little something with the orders, and I just thought these would be different from the Stamps or Zoomz that normally go.

These have been made with Fimo Puppen (ahh never fails to make me smile that name!) and I have left them unvarnished.  Some have had Viva rubbed on them and then a spray coating of varnish, some are Puppen (still tittering) and then a spray coat of varnish.  There are also some black ones with Perfect Pearl dusting -   perfect for all that Steampunk stuff being made at the moment.  All you need to do to stand a chance of getting some is order something from Stamp Galaxy.

Hugs and happy crafting.


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GlitteryKatie said...

I love German- especially 'Father' we all used to snort over 'Farte' in class!!