Thursday, 31 March 2011

Luminere on order ...... can't wait

I splashed out for the shop and ordered the whole of the range of these ..... they really are the most delicious things to play with.  Fingers crossed they arrive soon.

I have a Copic re-stock to update the shop with today, but as by accident they only supplied me with 5 pages of a 6 page manifest it's a difficult task.  I had hoped that they would send the missing page, but I'm still waiting ... actually, this is quite unusual for my supplier they are usually really brilliant.

The Rubbah Elf also resolved my techie issues from yesterday, and I managed to catch up a bit on the work stakes last night.  Still a huge amount of work to do though.

Right, as soon as Toodles has been picked up for School I will be off to walk the Hound early so I can get on.  My car is due back from the repair shop today ... really looking forward to having my car back home.


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