Tuesday, 22 March 2011

WOYWW #94 - Face off

Now I have a replacement mould (Dog ate the last one after one day of ownership) .... there are a whole load of Art Doll faces - some in their naked state made from Puppen (LOL! never gets old) and some that very much were Puppen, but then painted with Black Acrylic paint and brushed over with Tropic Yellow and Emerald Ultra Cosmic Shimmer Mica Powders when still a bit damp.  I also need to make more tomorrow to go in orders, as the original ones are now all gone.

Minxy, Puppen is made by Fimo and as far as I know is just flesh coloured - I think Puppen might be German for Puppet, as it is the colour that those mega creep fest dolls are made of! (Apologies, Sandra and others who love the mega creep fest dolls!!!)

These faces are part of the project that I am working on for an article, which is in a very lucy-lastic way related to the test chipboard piece from last week .... in reality it will not look anything like it ..... as I changed my mind along the way.

I also popped my lovely cozy Kindle cover on my desk for you all to see (made by Mum from two rescued skirts - hers was the floral on the inside, and mine the velvet on the outside).  It's a bit lopsided as I believe, and I quote "....that velvet was a real beggar, it just would not sew in a straight line ....." - I do feel that it adds to its charm though - plus 'tis squidgy and purple - thanks Mum.

A close up of the faces, one sans make up, and one with a face on:

It's amazing actually, how like a mask it looks painted and buffed with Mica - the results from the two colours was really surprising (they didn't turn out as I would have predicted in each case).

If you have just landed here, and wondering what all this WOYWW stuff is about ..... please head off to Fair Queen Julia's castle to see what all the other lovely WOYWERS are up to.

Happy crafting.

PS:  I have a sticky shift key and it's driving me nuts!!!!!!!!!!


RosC said...

Hello Kay. Enjoyed looking at the dolls faces. They are quite mask-like and the whole thing about dolls is new to me. All the more interesting, therefore.
Decided to get going early this week as I often run out of puff, and time for visiting.

sasa said...

Lovely faces - almost like magical pebbles!
Thanks for sharing your desk today



Dragon said...

Hi.. love those faces... have just had three sets of moulds and am using one on a project this week... they are great. Have a good week

Wipso said...

Happy Thursday. I'm just doing a very quick blog dash to make sure all our WOYWW friends get the heads up on the BIG celebration draw over in our blog shop. Please excuse this copied and pasted message but it's the only way I can get round you all this week. If you check out my blog you will see what's keeping me busy :-)

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Good luck,
A x

Alisonw30 said...

Great projects going on there x


Di said...

What super dolls faces! Love your Kindle cover too! Remember to hop over to my blog if you'd like to win some blog candy. I'm celebrating one whole year of blogging :) Di x

Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

Sorry, not into dolls/masks but I LOVE your Kindle cover! Fab. It was nice to visit. Have fun.
Hugs, Sandra #14

Pam said...

Fab job on the kindle cover. Hugs Pam x

Shazsilverwolf said...

Love the masks, I adore masks, people either love or hate them, have you noticed? I agree about the velvet too- the fibres sort of lock together, and it 'walks' when you machine sew it.I made our curtains, we have tall old rooms, using dark blue velvet, curtains are almost 10ft long, what a nightmare. Loads cheaper than buying them tho, so the hell was worth it! Shaz #122

MaggieC said...

Another Kindle addict. I love mine and have downloaded dozens of books, so I have plenty to choose from. It also means I can get rid of all the tatty, disintegrating books that are taking up too much space.

MaggieC said...

By the way, just re read the bit about velvet moving. What I always do is to pin every couple of inches, but laying the pins horizontally across the line of sewing. If you go slowly, the velvet does not really move. Also go with the lie of the fabric, not against it.

The Crafty Elf said...

Very pretty faces...such talent. TFS

fairy thoughts said...

gorgeous faces you are very talented
thanks for sharing

Kezzy said...

Those faces are beautiful, very angelic and i love your kindle pocket.

okienurse said...

very interesting! The doll faces are fantastic. Sorry I am so late making it around but last week was very busy. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #162

Julia Dunnit said...

Gosh those actually look like quite un-scarey faces...Puppen! Took me back and made me smile! Your Mum managed to stay very polite about the velvet...Personally I will never ever ever ever ever sew it again. Just sayin'! And anyway, when do you get time to read???

Morti said...

Love the faces - and lucky you having a kindle!