Sunday, 10 April 2011

Another sneak .........

I made a yummy sponge cake yesterday instead of sitting in the sun, and this morning's job for me was weed killing the stable yard (Rubbah Elf is cutting the garden lawns, which pretty much a whole day job).

I was good I did star the job, but it's a case of each person thought the other one had bought weed killer ... so I've only done about an 1/8th of it before I ran out.

Still at least that will cut down the time it will take in the week .......... see always looking on the bright side.

Just thought I would pop in and give you another sneak:

I seriously can't wait to get my hands on the plate next week, as I really want to play with it.  I've finished my canvass now, so need something else to work on.

For any Kent/Sussex crafters, we are going to the Northiam Craft Fair next Saturday (16th April).  My Mother-in-Law helps run it, and so we said we would have a table there.  I will get more details in the week for anyone interested ... it would be lovely to see some people we know.

Happy Sunday everyone.


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