Friday, 15 April 2011

Well that's my project or (s) off on their way to Craft Stamper

and I still have two more to do for the new set.

I always get nervous when I send off work for publication, and it will be nail biting to see if both projects make the grade!

I'm now frantically packaging up more of the new Set 3 Garden Curio stamps for the Craft Fair at Northiam ... although I have made a bit of a boo boo and the bags that I had assumed would be fine (checked the width ages ago) are too bloomin' short to I am having to use slightly bigger bags than I really like ... still not a major thing in the scheme of things, but I prefer them to be in apple-pie order.  Bags that are longer are on their way and should be here on Monday.

Now I have to clean the house as their is a house viewing tomorrow as well ... the poor dog hasn't had his walk yet .... I suspect that is something Daddy will have to do when he gets home in an hour.

Happy crafting.


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Julia Dunnit said...

Hope it's a really successful weekend!