Friday, 6 May 2011

Guess what I have on my desk?

NEW MATRIX BOARD GRAPHICS!!!!!!   I know, so excited too ..... can you tell?

I can't show you just yet .... be patient sneak peaks will be available very, very soon ... we've worked with somebody really exciting to bring them to you ..... all I can say is they are vintage, but both in very different ways.

The mere fact that I started colouring in the printed design when it came in on the just the printer, is a little clue how fab they are.

We're hoping to sign off for the final designs in about an hour and send off to get the boards done, which  should be here early part of next week, and pressing will be done Thursday/Friday and packing as soon as possible - we're hoping that the new packaging will be available back end of next week.

Sneak peeks hopefully Sunday, and then Tuesday pre-release info can be given out, with pre-release put in shop on Wednesday.

I can hardly contain myself with these ones, but I need to get a grip as my own Play Time Set 4 is coming up to being ready for sign off week after next, so my eyes need to be on the prize as they say!!



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