Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Happy Birthday WOYWWers ***

oh yes, happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happyyyyyy Birrrthhhhday dear WOYWWers happpyyyyyyyyy Birrrrrtttttttthhhhhhhhhhdddddaaaaaaaaaaaay to-ooo-o-ooooooooooo us!

Sorry about the singing folks, so to make up for it here's my PIF:

and here is her ummm, behind:

She just needs to have some Prima Pearl Swirl added, and she's good to go.

The lovely lady started life off as a plain old papier mache body form, and a left-over configuration box courtesy of Sir Timmie and Artsy Crafty, Katy's Very Vintage Set1 stamps and some of my Play Time set 3 STAMPS.  Rather than go through it now I will do a step by step project and pop it on Stamp Galaxy for free download later in the week.  Don't panic though as actually she wasn't an awful lot of work really - I only started it on Sunday and have just done bits and bobs and another project along the way.

Not wishing to toot my own trumpet .... actually, who am I kidding I want to toot it loud and proud!!! .... I sewed her wee canvas apron (gone all Donna Downey on your sweet patooties) with my little mini Janome sewing machine, first time I've used it (you know one of the those Xmas pressies that you simply have to have darling, and then don't touch)!!!!

I can't wait to see who gets her, apparently it will be the next person with an * against their name over at WOYWWers birthday bash at Fair Queen Julia's sparkly soiree in the crafty kingdom.

I've done my back in and have to drive to East Sussex tomorrow to deposit Toodles with her loving Grandparents, so I won't get a chance to look at all the lovely posts until much later tomorrow.



PS:  Many apologies to the gorgeous Donna Downey, I simply will never be her - not even 100th of a zillioneth - but a girl can dream, can't she.

PPS:  If by some wonderful chance there is a PIF coming my way,  you can get me details from "Contact" at www.stampgalaxy.co.uk.


Morti said...

Happy WOYWW - and I'm chuffed to nuts you're getting my PIF..... LOL.... will catch up later via UK Stampers and get your address deets....

Helen said...

great PIF, someone will be lucky!

Wipso said...

Happy WOYWW 2nd Birthday. It's so lovely to be linked up with so many creative friends. Happy crafting.
A x

Sue said...

Hi ya
oh a gorgeous pif for one lucky person, will show mine of next week,thanks for the mooch, happy WOYWW, sue,x

sasa said...

That is a fabulous lady!
Happy WOYWW...Thanks for sharing and have a great week,
Sarah at 12

Cauliflower Cupcake said...

Happy WOYWW,
Love what you have made for the PIF - someone will be very lucky,
Have a great day
Rebecca (69)

MvM-design said...

Happy 2nd WOYWW anniversary!
Hugs Marleen :-)

Nicky said...

Great pif someone will be lucky - thanks for sharing and Happy WOYWW Anniversary

Twiglet said...

Thanks for flashing your PiF - some lucky soul will be thrilled. Happy 2nd anniversary!

Pam said...

HaHa! Finally got to see one ;) Angelfish is one lucky girl! This is just wonderful Kay (great flower placement too. Here's to another inspiring and snoopy year!

fairyrocks said...

Happy Happy Day!!! Lovely PIF
Keep smiling and creating

Angelfish said...

How exciting! I am a lucky girl indeed Pam:)
Happy WOYWW birthday to you xx

Angie said...

Love the colours ...and the apron is so cute

Shazsilverwolf said...

Love this, colours are gorgeous. Happy WOYWW, heres to many more.

SueH said...

I’m making a special effort to get around everyone as it’s a special week this week.

How gorgeous if your PIF, some lucky person is going to be a very lucky girly! Hope your back’s not too bad on your long journey tomorrow.

Happy WOYWW 2nd Anniversary and …………….
Happy Crafting!

Dragon said...

Woo someone is going to be very happy with that lovely gift... have a great week

Doone said...

thank goodness I am not the only person who showed too soon...


Artyjen said...

It's great to share! ;)
xoxo Sioux

Nicks said...

Happy 104th WOYWW - its great to see your workspace and 'meet' you through blogland

Happy Creating xx


Julia Dunnit said...

Gone all Donna Downey - now that made me larf....talk about re-invention. Love your PiF gift, bet your recipient will be happy dancing. How on earth...oh never mind - take care of the back, I have recently found being wedged into the driver's seat is a very good position. Now to work out how to lift my leg for the bloody clutch!!

okienurse said...

Very nice PIF...lucky person that gets it. Hope your back gets better soon! Happy #104-2nd Anniversay of WOYWW Thanks for sharing. Vickie

peggy aplSEEDS said...

how great that you got to use your sewing machine, and yes i agree, a girl can dream! happy anniversary!

Debs said...

ooh she's a bit 'cheeky' lol
Happy WOYWW 2nd anniversary xxx

triciasconfetti said...

GReat PIF for some lucky person
Happy WOYWW-versary
x Tricia

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm loving your PIF. It's a great 2nd anniversary celebration gift. I'm a bit late getting here, but happy belated WOYWW 104 from #9.

Maggie's Crafts said...

Great pics!

Thank you for sharing.:)

Maggie #65

karen said...

Your Pif is fabulous! Lucky "angelfish"!! I'm glad you posted a picture as I am dying of curiousity as to what everyone made!
Happy WOYWW 2nd Anniversary!

Tertia said...

Happy WOYWW Anniversary!
Love your little Donna Downey apron.

Ohhh Snap said...

Wonderful PiF! Belated 104!! #8