Thursday, 26 May 2011

A snapshot of recent mag project

which has been made with the "Milk Maid" and the "To be once more" quote from Katy's Play Time Set 4 - Nanny's Day Off:

and for pure pleasure this morning I've also gone all Donna Downey-eque and been playing around with a bit of canvas:

Golden paints,Ivy Mask from TST and the Fern Image from the Play Time Set 3 - Garden Curio set:'s not finished but I quite like it and can see the attraction of working with canvas.

I'm free of mag work for the time being as I posted off all the projects this afternoon by Special Delivery ... that's the nervous bit -  I always worry they will get lost in the post!

I'm off to play with my canvas tag a bit more ....

Laters peeps.


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