Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Kentish Idiot ..... aka Russell the GSDx Golden Retriever

a quick sit down this evening in the paddock ........ our Kentish Idiot enjoying time with Daddy.  Bless him, what he lacks in brains he makes up for in hail-fellow-well-met - pretty much like much if I gave it any thought!  Although I have to say the electricity chap today had to run very fast when he and Russ realised at the same moment that they were both on the same side of the fence this afternoon .... don't know who was more surprised.  He performed a very creditable 20 second 15 yard dash back to his van and Russ made the 100 yard dash in 20.0001.  Next time he will hopefully not ignore the note saying if gate shut stay put and sound your horn!!!

He's been making friends with a Boxer over the last couple of weeks on our walks ... and today we got up the courage to invite him over for a play date ............ that should be interesting.

In case you're wondering we only joke about him being the Kentish Idiot, he's actually super-super-dooper smart, but this means that he needs constant stimulation (apparently that's the GSD).  He used to be a pain, i.e. chewing the art doll mould, but now he's a delightful companion.

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