Monday, 8 August 2011

What I'm Up to as opposed to What I SHOULD be Doing

Not a brilliant picture, as zoomed in from quite a long way away...but this is what I have been playing with .... instead of what I SHOULD be doing.

The vintage Fimo shoe for my latest suitcase.  Black Fimo, then dusted with Pink Pearl-Ex and coloured in with Lumiere.

Just off to supplier to get more laminating pockets, back later with a stream of the suitcase - got to finish packing orders, a bit of housework and walk the dog first though.

Laters peeps.


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Julia Dunnit said...

Oh, your post title is all about me this morning. I came downstairs ready to tackle the list of jobs in my head...wash kitchen floor, hoover, empty know....but discovered the computer already on...and here I am, an hour and a half later!!
Love that shoe - is it from a mould?