Friday, 2 September 2011

Mega busy this morning

packing up CLING TOO and lots of stamp orders.  Have you seen Katy's fabulous configuration box using Very Vintage Set 2 (la couture) this month?

We've also got the Subscription Offer in Craft Stamper this month .... although happily the work for that was done last month PHEW WIPES BROW!!

Good news my missing order turned up yesterday, so that is something off my mind.  Although, I won't lie to you today is a mega day here as we've got the platemaking equipment and new manufacturing benches etc being delivered.  Why's that a big day ... well, up until now we've sub-contracted platemaking outside, so now we can control this in house.  What's the benefit?  I  can hear you thinking ... well, it means that we can trial run designs first to check it all fits and we get the best use of our our plates, plus we will be able to do one-offs for people in either photopolyer or rubber, be most cost effecting offering manufacturing to others and also produce our existing range in polymer to widen the choice ... so it's all good.

We're also planning on some limited edition and registered customer stamps to say thank you.

It's all good, and all exciting.

Right, off to pack orders.  Happy crafting.


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