Monday, 31 October 2011

Just treated myself to a couple of Big Shot Pro Dies

I freely admit that I haven't got one .... but that is a big fat YET as I am just about to get one for my birthday in the middle of December ... when the big 50 comes a knocking - I know I only look about 3 days over 65!!!!

Would you believe one was £10 and the other £7, with the shipping the whole thing only came to just over £20. I'm but to the blush to only admit they are very basic dies, but useful nontheless .... A6 and A10 envie dies, which will be used over and over.

I am not completely certain where I will be putting Big Shot Pro when he arrives ..... he will be called Jonnie by the way (sad I know) it will mean a certain amount of reorganisation ... and probably more storage.  I need to measure the space where my storage cart sits, but I feel certain that is no wider than a small expedite or such ... and he can sit on there.  The wheelie cart thingymumjiggy can then perhaps fit down by the side of the computer desk (as it won't impede the running of things there, and should give me a bit of temp storage.  The boxes etc that sit next to the cart now can be stacked under the computer desk ..... when will the kids leave home .... I need their rooms!!!!!

Happy crafting.


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Clare H said...

LOL when will the kids move out!